A Giveaway of the Softest Sort

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am all about textiles.  Quilts, blankets, throws.  Wool, cotton, flannel.  New, vintage.  I love them all.  When I was pregnant with Vijay, I made at least ten blankets for him- both sewn and knitted.  I used them all when he was little, but the one he gravitated to, the one that became his beloved “D” (as he calls it) was a store-bought blanket, gifted to us by a friend.  He loves that blanket something fierce.  I learned that it’s okay if not all the blankets in the house are handmade- sometimes, great things can be bought!

Which brings me to the American Blanket Company and their new line of hand-stitched baby blankets.  I was asked to photograph their new line of baby blankets, and agreed because 1) I could bring my boys along, and they could make their modeling debut and 2) these baby blankets are all hand made in Massachusetts, and I love supporting locally made products, especially those made with integrity and quality.

What I wasn’t prepared for, was to fall in love with the product.  After the shoot, I was given a blanket to take home, and I am not lying when I say Vik uses this blanket every day, both for sleeping and for staying warm in his stroller.  It is the softest, most high quality blanket I have come across.  I am pretty sure it is destined to become his beloved “D.”

I asked American Blanket Company if I could give away a blanket (of your choice) to one of my reader, and I’m tickled they agreed.  Just visit their website, and leave a comment telling me which hand-stitched blanket you would choose (Vik has the Willow Quilt in Buxton Blue).  This blanket will become a treasured heirloom, a memory, and a comfort.  Vik guarantees it!

97 thoughts on “A Giveaway of the Softest Sort

  1. Zane

    The willow quilt is just beautiful! This would make such a lovely gift for a friend who is expecting. . . What wonderful photos you took! Thanks for sharing this company with us.

  2. Anonymous

    They're all beautiful so I resorted to the fact that we have a love of gardenias, the flower and the scent. Couldn't make a choice otherwise.

  3. Lindsay Dumais

    Love the boys modeling debut! Great photos. I love that they are machine washable too 🙂 The gardenia blanket in Navajo White and light pink is perfect for a baby girl!

  4. Sheila

    Thank you for sharing with us!!

    I am a quilter and knitter, but too busy to alway give a handmade gift. I am especially fond of the Willow Quilt…..and I do have two sweet grandsons who have quite ratty blankets right now. 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    Thank you for this giveaway!
    I would be happy to win the WILLOW BLANKET for my
    nephew in Canada. It is a lovely blanket collection.
    Thank you.

  6. Eden Gregg

    Oooo…the white gardenia blanket would be perfect for my little boy arriving some time around May 4th! It looks so soft and delicate and would be perfect for snuggling my baby in a rocking chair or when nursing.


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