It was but a dream…

Oh Jamaica…how you have captured my heart.  We spent ten days in paradise, relaxing, soaking up the sun’s restorative rays, exploring the local food scene, and enjoying the company of family.  It was perfection, and waking up this morning to the cold, snowy, darkness of New England makes it seem like it was all a dream.

We stayed at Half Moon for the second year in a row.  It is such a gorgeous resort, tastefully done, with plenty of nature to enjoy.  Not only is the beach gorgeous, but there are marshes to explore, a stable on the property, tennis courts, pools with waterfalls, and even a kids play area, complete with a playground and toddler pool.  It’s a paradise for family’s with young kids- so much to see and do.

We soaked up every minute of the vacation, filling our time with equal parts activity, and relaxation.   There were so many picturesque moments, but I tried to put the camera down, and simply enjoy.  I am so glad I caught this on film though- Vijay’s first pony ride.  The riding helmet, with his curls…oh, it’s just too cute.

The stables are right on the property, and Vijay absolutely loved visiting the animals.  We spent many mornings here, feeding the horses apples, petting the rabbits, and chasing the goats.

By the early afternoon, both boys would crash, due to sun and surf, and we would relax while they napped.  I swear, something about spending time in the sun makes our boys nap for hours.  It was quite lovely, and I actually read an entire book, maybe the first I’ve managed to finish since Vik was born.  After naps, we would swim, and roam the beach for hours, turning over rocks looking for sea snails, hermit crabs, sand crabs, and sea urchins.

Evening would come slowly, the sun dipping gently over the sea, giving way to the most gorgeous of sunsets, and the gentle breezes of night.  Once the boys were in bed, we would all enjoy a late dinner, and Corona with a lime.  Top off the evening with a slice of coconut cake (yes- with coconut cut fresh from the trees outside our villa) and you’ve got heaven on earth.  We’re already making our plans for next year.

4 thoughts on “It was but a dream…

  1. Anonymous

    I was just dreaming about the Squam retreat in the fall and then I was looking at your photos. Looks magical and dreamy. I could use that right now. Thank you for sharing! Libby


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