Snow Day

The snow came, just as predicted.  It started Friday, coming down steadily through the day and into the night.  The lights flickered as the wind gusted, and the snow swirled, but we kept power.  Thankfully, we had a stocked fridge, and plenty of hot chocolate on hand, so we took full advantage of the snow day!

It only takes about 45 minutes to get Vijay suited up- I’m sure you know the drill.  Snowpants pulled tight over boots, mittens tucked tight into coat sleeves.  Snaps, buttons, velcro.  It is not a small job!  But when the view out the front door looks like this, how can you not head out into the wintery whiteness?

We went sledding, built snowmen, threw snowballs, shoveled, and made snow angels until evening.  The air was crisp, the snow perfect for packing, and by the time we finished playing, the sky had turned into a beautiful watercolor.

We headed inside with our rosy cheeks for hot chocolate.

Although we repeated some version of this on both Saturday and Sunday, we also spent several hours inside snuggling, reading, and playing trucks.  Talk about melting my heart- not one, but two little snuggle bunnies.

7 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. sheetal patel

    Such sweet little guys!! Makes the snow even more magical!

    Also, I am obsessed with those mugs. Where are they from? Love that's he's drinking his hot chocolate from such a lovely mug!

  2. Anonymous

    Oh my goodness! How blessedly beautiful the snow and my grandbabes!!! These are the days memories are made of!!!
    Love , Grandma


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