In Our Kitchen

With a light snow dusting the ground, and cold winds whipping through our creaky old windows, we are taking shelter in our kitchen, cooking up hearty, warming, comfort food.  I don’t always have time to make elaborate meals- but I keep healthy ingredients on hand to throw together snacks throughout the day.  As a nursing mom, I am constantly hungry, and whatever I am eating, Vijay wants bites too, so I have to keep it nutritious.  We’re on a big oatmeal kick right now- Vijay is obsessed with scooping oatmeal and adding water to a pot.  Equal parts end up in the pot, as on the floor, but oh, does he takes his job seriously.

We’re also pretty into yogurt bowls.  A dollop of local yogurt, a drizzle of honey, and a whole bunch of toppings.  Thawed berries, sunflower seeds, dark chocolate chips, nuts, shredded coconut, wheat germ.  The more, the merrier.

Our wintertime farmers’ market is a treasure trove of local gems.  My favorite vendor offers the most amazing citrus, which he gets from his parents farm in Florida.  Not exactly local, but close enough!  I’m also pretty darn impressed with New England farmer’s ingenuity- growing tomatoes and greens year round in their hothouses.  I’ve been using these veggies- chopped and sauteed- to dress up the simplest lunches and dinners.

While I don’t love winter cooking as much as I do summer cooking, I am managing to keep my family well fed.  But oh, I am already looking forward to kissing root vegetables goodbye and welcoming the abundance of summer!  Let the countdown begin.
*The beautiful print in the first picture is my 2013 kitchen calender, gifted to me by the lovely Anna of Seedling Design.  It makes me smile every time I glance at it- thank you Anna.

5 thoughts on “In Our Kitchen

  1. Anna

    I'm so glad you like the calendar! Thanks for sharing it in such a lovely photo. Your yogurt bowl looks like just what I want for breakfast.

  2. Zoe Alexander

    Lovely photos and very nourishing food. Nowadays it is so important to find healthy organic foods, especially now that they have found that most healthy children with fruit and veg diets have pesticide levels in their bodies around 20 times higher than are acceptable! It's so scary, no wonder so many ppl are getting cancer now!

  3. Kitty

    Hi! I visited you here via Amanda (Soulemama!). Your blog is beautiful! I am with you on looking forward to the abundance of summer, we have all had a horrid flu type virus and I think our bodies are craving fresh simple goodness!

    I need to learn to use my camera, your photos are amazing! x

  4. Anonymous

    Love the art work by Phoebe Wahl! I think I may purchase the entire 4 seasons collection. Is the paper quality good that it's printed on?

  5. Christine Chitnis

    Hi Jill- I think you are referring to the artwork that I had in my last post, which was by Phoebe Wahl. They are printed on very high quality paper, and the colors are so rich and beautiful. The seasons collection would be so gorgeous framed and hung together.


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