A Space of My Own

Last week, after finally beating the plague that threatened to take us under, we reemerged.  You know the feeling, after you’ve been sick for a while, of needing to clean the entire house, stock the fridge with healthy food, take long walks and breath deep?  Yes- that is what was needed.  Add in a few visits from friends, dinner out with girlfriends and date night, and, well, before I knew it, the week was gone in a flash.

I have also been spending every free moment in the attic, putting together my studio in the newly renovated space.  I am THRILLED to have a space of my own again, especially one that is bright and fresh.  The addition of two skylights, a coat of white paint, and thick, cozy carpet have made this space into a total dream.

I have a bit more organizing to do before I’m ready to show off the entire space.  But this is organizing of the very best kind- sorting piles of ribbon, yarn and fabric.  With some exciting projects taking place in this new year, I’m happy to have a space in which to write, knit, stitch and dream.

4 thoughts on “A Space of My Own

  1. Toni

    The light in that space is so gorgeous. I'm excited to watch this progress, and happy to see someone else who loves being surrounded by lots of color as much as I do!

  2. beki

    Ah, so lovely! I can hardly wait for the day when I get my space back. I'm in the process of doing the opposite, purging and reorganizing to turn the space from studio to a bedroom for my oldest. Gorwing pains!

  3. Chloe Winstone

    This space looks so lovely! I love how much light there is, I can't imagine a better place to sit down and do work in! I'm excited to see the work you have planned for this year. Your creativity is inspiring and it's always great to see what you've accomplished.


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