This and That

We’ve spent the past week in Michigan, with my family, while my husband travels to India for work.  Thank goodness I have hands-on parents who adore my boys, otherwise I would be done for.  Alone with my two little ones for over two weeks- that would push me right over the edge!  I don’t know how people do this whole parenting thing alone.  I really don’t.

We’ve kept busy with swim lessons, long walks to the duck pond, Valentine crafting, and baking galore.  I find baking to be a great way to pass the time with Vijay while Vik naps- a bit messy perhaps, but oh-so-fun.

My mom has been teaching me how to work with yeast.  We’ve tackled hard rolls, and pretzels.  I am addicted!

(is that not the look of pure adoration for grandma?)

Throw in a visit to the Detroit Zoo…

…and a wander around the Cranbrook grounds, and you have the perfect itinerary.

We’re looking forward to more of the same over the weekend- soaking up every minute of our time here.

3 thoughts on “This and That

  1. J @ Sparklingly

    Oh, Christine, I so enjoy these glimpses into your idyllic life. I never knew what beauty Michigan held and it's so soothing to see such adorable pics of your family and crafts and kitchen escapades.

  2. Caitlin

    That sounds like a wonderful trip! I don't have kids but I never realized how much grandparents love their grandchildren until I read the book “Some Assembly Required” by Ann and Sam Lamott – it's such a beautiful thing 🙂

    I didn't really spend time with my grandparents- they passed away when I was young, but I do look forward to hopefully having children one day and having them know my parents and in laws.

  3. Elyse

    sigh …

    i love reading your posts — so serene and full of gratitude and color — just lovely.

    i hope that your new year is off to a brilliant start.



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