Winter Quilts

We have been recovering from an epic plague over here at my parents house.  There have been cases of strep, the flu and pneumonia being passed around and around.  Miraculously, the boys never got sick, and for a few days, when our family was the only healthy family, we stayed at a hotel to escape the germs.  It has been an intense week, to be sure.  As everyone is now on the mend, I am in the mood to share something bright and cheery.  For Christmas this year, I made each of my boys a quilt.  With strong colors, and graphic patterns, they feel very boyish…and that’s just the front.  The backings are where these quilts really shine!

For Vik’s, I chose a combination of green, blue, gray and white.  For the backing, I used an adorable, car and truck fabric called Peak Hour, that happened to perfectly compliment my color scheme.  I love how this quilt turned out.
For Vijay’s quilt, I decided on a very clean and simple color palate of gray and white, laid out in a herringbone pattern, which allowed the backing to shine.  Nothing but diggers, dumpers and construction stuff for my boy!  I hope the boys will treasure these quilts…and use them to stay warm for years to come.

 *the amazing quilting, which really makes the patterns pop, was done by Kathy…she is the best!

8 thoughts on “Winter Quilts

  1. Gaby

    They're beautiful! I'm hoping to make a quilt before my baby's born, but even though I've made a couple of small quilts, I find them really intimidating! Is it expensive to get someone else to do the quilting for you? And did you use patterns for these or wing it? I especially love the triangle quilt.

  2. Christine Chitnis

    Hi Gaby…the truth is, quilting is not a super cheap past time, especially if you have a weakness for new fabric. For a crib size quilt, machine quilting costs anywhere from $20-40. My machine can't quilt- it's too old- and I don't particularly like quilting, so I don't mind paying.

    For these quilts, I just winged it, and based the pattern on simple geometry. But there are so many great free patterns out there. Don't be intimidated though- think of a big quilt as lots of smaller quilts. If you can do a small quilt, you can do a big one. And it will make such a great keepsake for your baby!

  3. Lynda Asmus

    Love these quilts, can you please tell me about the fabrics you used? Who is the manufacture of each of the car and tractor fabrics? I am planning on making a quilt for my grandson and these would be perfect fabrics.

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