It was such a magical Christmas, full of memories, family, and marvelous food.  Oh how I love this season. It has been snowing for days, which means it was a white Christmas after all.  A quiet blanket of snow covered Michigan, and we snuggled up inside to make cookies, exchange presents, and celebrate together.  I love experiencing the magic of Christmas through the eyes of my boys…seeing their excitement over sugar cookie sprinkles, cuddling with Grandma and Grandpa, running wild with their cousins, and a tree filled with sparkly (delicate) ornaments!

A few highlights from our holiday…

*handmade knits under the tree…this cowl turned out so gorgeous, which made me all the more excited to give it away!

*staying in pajamas all day long, and noses pressed to the glass to watch falling snow.

*a visit to Detroit Garden Works…so inspiring to see the shop decked out for the holidays.

(sorry for the picture overload…but isn’t it just the prettiest shop!?)

*a quiet snowy walk in the woods at twilight…all was calm, all was bright.

*getting to change out of my “mom uniform” (that would be yoga pants and sweatshirts) and actually dress up!

*snowy dates at the park and finding the perfect little stone seat to sit and watch the snow fall.

*and finally (I’m so excited I can barely contain it)… the ultimate Christmas gift ever from my husband and dad; a trip to Paris with my mom, fall 2013.  Those sneaky guys…they presented us with a box of macaroons, and an Eiffel Tower ornament. My mom and I just looked at each other in disbelief before letting out squeals of delight!  Oh yes….it was a good Christmas!  So very good!

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