Christmas, Pinterest and a GIVEAWAY!

It’s official, December has arrived, and with it comes a flurry of Christmas excitement.  I decorated our house over the weekend, making sure all of the delicate ornaments were placed up nice and high!  Vijay has his own adorable little tree in his room, which he helped me decorate.  It’s all very exciting.  So…in celebration of the holiday, I am offering a giveaway.  I have always loved the cards and paper offerings from The Nimbus Factory, and this year, their holiday collection is perfection.

In the spirit of giving, The Nimbus Factory is offering one reader a 2013 desktop calendar…but what makes this calendar special is that each panel doubles as a miniature print once the month is done, and then they all connect to form an entire scene!

Now, there are a two ways to enter…just leave a comment here, or go ahead and follow me on Pinterest (I just joined this weekend and I’m addicted- come support my new habit!) and I will enter you to win! And be sure to check out all of The Nimbus Factory holiday offerings!

28 thoughts on “Christmas, Pinterest and a GIVEAWAY!

  1. Christine Lima

    I love how you display your ornaments…up nice and high! Very pretty! And the cards are beautiful too – I haven't purchased cards yet because I just can't find ones I love. Maybe I love these enough to make them “the ones”!

  2. Kelley Wolbert

    I just started following your blog, Christine. I found you through the article in Yankee magazine and loved your style! 🙂 I'm living in China but will be home over Christmas, and these cards just make me 🙂 like crazy!

  3. ElizaJaneInk

    I have followed your blog for about a year now and share your love of locally grown food. I also LOVE paper products and would enjoy having this Nimbus Factory calendar on my desk!

  4. Elyse

    hi christine,

    how fun that you've joined pinterest! it's quite addictive, to be sure.

    your decorations are lovely!

    happy december wishes


  5. sheetal patel

    The decorations are beautiful! Getting ready to put our baby's first tree up this weekend (took her out in the pikkolo w/ hubby to get it! :)).

    That calendar is so pretty-what a great idea to be able to use it as art!


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