The Aftermath

I am pretty much beaming with pride at the overwhelming success of my first Thanksgiving.  Allow me to brag for just a moment….! The menu was perfection, the turkey (all 25 pounds of it) was delectable, and the guests that gathered at our table blended the very best of family and friends.  The fact that the girls team totally creamed the boys in charades was merely icing on the cake, and watching my friend’s boyfriend have to act out “Like a Virgin” was a moment that will go down in history.

Like typical males (sorry guys!), they waited until the third round of charades before they finally settled on the “team language.”  You know- the signal for word vs. syllable, and so on.  The girls- we did this before the first round even started, thanks to Elizabeth’s mad charade skills… and we sailed to victory…smooth as butter.  Thanksgiving, and the weekend that followed found our house bursting with laughter, conversation and precious moments spent together.

Now, as I write, the house is quiet, my family having all left for Michigan last night.  Missing them is a dull ache that will last throughout the week as I readjust to being alone with both boys.  When my family is in town, there are so many hands willing to help keep Vik and Vijay fed, changed and occupied.  It’s such a relief not to feel that loneliness and weariness that comes when I have to do it all by myself.  I’ll get through the next month knowing that Christmas is just around the corner, and that means at least 2 weeks at home, in the warm embrace of my family.

3 thoughts on “The Aftermath

  1. J @ Sparklingly

    Sounds lovely! And your table is so sweet—do you happen to know what those flowers are called? I don't remember ever seeing them at the flower stalls here, but am now infatuated with them!


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