Christmas Crafting

I tend to get a bit overenthusiastic when it comes to crafting for my boys.  Christmas will be no exception.  I got it into my head that Vijay and Vik would both get a handmade quilt and sweater for Christmas.  Then I looked at the calendar…what, only a little over a month until Christmas?  How did that happen?  And so, intense, obsessive crafting has commenced.  Of course I should have picked quilts with big, easy patterns, but instead, I chose a herringbone pattern for Vijay that called for 100 squares.  Great idea!  I have been non-stop quilting every second that I get, when the boys are napping, at night, with Vijay playing trucks around the pedal of the sewing machine.  He now points to my sewing machine and says, “Work.”  It’s as if he knows I mean business!

It’s times like these that I desperately miss my studio space.  Instead, I have my sewing machine on a small, wobbly table in the basement, with my projects spread out on the floor.  The basement is predominately used as a playroom, and it is with absolute glee that Vijay flings the pieces of my project about.  He gets into everything, which means I am continuously cleaning up my projects, putting them on a high shelf and then laying them out again when I have a moment alone.  It’s a pain.  However, I am closing in on the finish line with my quilting, and I can’t wait to show you the finished products.  I’ll give you a hint- there is truck fabric involved.  I miss my pink and purple quilting days, but I am trying to embrace this boyish world I now inhabit.

(bits and pieces of Vijay’s room)

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