And the snow came…

Around 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon, we looked outside to find a blizzard.  “Surely it won’t stick,” we thought.  Oh, but it stuck.  Vijay is giddy at the arrival of snow.  This morning, still in his doggie pajamas, he put on his boots and headed out into the wintry wonderland to stomp around…the world turned white overnight, what a strange thing that must be for a two-year-old to comprehend.

Meanwhile, I’m in a state of shock.  Snow, already?  I was not mentally prepared for this.  I am mourning the loss of long, lazy afternoons spent at the playground.  I am also dreading bundling up two boys every time we want to leave the house.  We may never leave again.  Luckily, I finished Vijay’s slippers so he will be nice and toasty for the next couple of months as we hunker down and hibernate until spring!

(the pom-poms are strictly for show- they wouldn’t last a minute with my rough-and-tumble boy.  you can see my ravelry notes here…)

3 thoughts on “And the snow came…

  1. Lillian

    Those slippers are so so sweet! I think the same thing often – how it must seem to little ones to see the world change entirely overnight when it snows:)


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