My sweetest boy…today you turn two.  You have boundless energy, and an insatiable curiosity for life.  You *love* trucks and adore your baby brother, always putting your cars, trains and trucks in his little curled up fists, wanting him to play with you.  I hope you will be the best of friends.  On your best days, you run me ragged with your continuous play and silly laugh.  On your more challenging days, you run me ragged with your new-found stubbornness and overuse of the word ‘no.’  Yet you have taught me what it means to love unconditionally, what it means to venture into the world with my heart outside of my body.  Is this what it means to be a mother? Exhausted with both the joy and challenge of it all?  Always feeling as though when we are apart, a vital piece of me is missing?  When I first heard you call me ‘mama’ my heart melted…now, hardly a minute goes by without you calling for me to play, or make you a snack, or answer your endless questions.  Still, my heart warms hearing you call for me.

Sometimes I see mother’s walking around town with their tall, gangly teenage sons and I think…someday, that will be you and me, little man.  That always brings me back to the moment, reminds me to enjoy you every day.  Your sweetness, your tantrums, your independence, your dependency.  I love it all.  Happy birthday Vijay.

Loving you as always,

(and for those of you wondering…finally, here’s that sweet little baby of mine, almost three months old now!  i now understand why the second child never has any baby pictures of themselves…their mama’s are too wiped out from chasing around the first!  i’ll make a better effort little Vik, I promise.)

4 thoughts on “Two

  1. Sandra Montgomery

    Hi, I just love how you put into words what being a mum is like. My eldest gangly boy will soon be 17 and I have to look up to him. My youngest will become a teenager at Christmas. You will always see the 'little boy' in your sons even when they're older and it will bring back wonderful memories. But you're right, time passes too quickly.
    Sandy Quilts

  2. Lee

    My boy is 18 and I love the gangly version as much as I did the dimpled one. Each stage brings sweetness and challenge. Enjoy them all!

  3. Kellen

    Happy, Happy Birthday to you both! What an adventure parenting is. He seems so full of life as my two boys are. This, I hear, will serve them well in life later on. How lovely that will be to see. Hope it was all you wished for and that the cake was delicious! Love to you Christine and your family.


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