Life Lessons

Here are a few things I learned this past weekend:

1. A three hour, uninterrupted nap can change your life.  A trip to the farm following said three hour nap is just icing on the cake.

2. When apple picking, try not to get overly excited by all of the varieties, because you will end up with a random assortment, and not enough of any one kind to actually bake/cook with.  Oops.

3. Use the power of persuasion to help your toddler choose a pumpkin.  If that fails, return the one he chose (the very biggest in the patch, obviously!) when he is not looking and find one that you can actually carry.  He’s too busy riding the tractor to notice.

4. Babies in hand knit fall sweaters are the cutest thing ever.  That is just a fact.  Also- this was the 6-9 month size…and it fits my 2 old perfectly.  Hmmm.

5. Finally- college kids make the very best dinner guests.  They are so starved for home cooked food that everything you make is “the best thing they have ever tasted.”  It’s a real boost of confidence for the ole’, rusty domestic skills!  Plus, they can fill you in on life outside the baby bubble.  Did you know that kids these days ask each other out over text message?!  (kidding- i so knew that)

2 thoughts on “Life Lessons

  1. Kellen

    All GREAT things to learn! Your photography is beautiful Christine. I, of course, love the baby in a hand knit. He is darling. A lovely family adventure. Fall is upon us here as well. As we traverse the very busy month of October I'm attempting to take the time to notice all the “Fall-ness” around me. The smell of wood smoke on the air. My clouds of breath in the morning as I take the children to school. The color extravaganza within every tree. The warm wool wrapped about me. It's lovely. May it be a fabulous Fall!


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