Woven Pumpkin

Back when I was still crafting on a regular basis for Yankee Magazine, we came up with the idea of creating a woven pumpkin craft.  I loved the challenge of making it happen, and I really liked the outcome, but unfortunately it didn’t make the cut for the magazine.  So as Halloween quickly approaches, I figured I would share the idea here.

It’s quite simple- cut thin rectangles, slightly larger than the width of your ribbon, around the entire pumpkin.  Wrap your ribbon in plastic wrap (to protect it from getting stained by the pumpkin innards), and weave it through the openings.  Once the ribbon is woven the entire way around the pumpkin, slide the plastic wrap off, and tie the ends together in a decorative bow.  I’d like to think this is an original, and rather subtle way to decorate for the season!  I loved using interesting gourds to round out the display…and if you’d like to see how it looks on our steps, take a peek

p.s. another favorite Halloween craft…spooky bat garland!

*photo by ira garber*

One thought on “Woven Pumpkin

  1. Color + Light

    what a lovely idea. Could I ask you a question – was that your house in the “take a peak” slide show? I love the color of your house and door and wondered if you could tell me the paint names?
    Many thanks
    Christine F


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