Squam, Quilts and Traveling with Babies

What a whirlwind week it was… on Thursday evening, I packed Vik into his carseat, swung into Boston to grab my friend Beth and together, we all made the journey to Squam so that I could teach my writing class on Friday.  We stayed only one night, and I truly missed being able to sink into my time at Squam.  By Saturday morning I was on a plane ALONE with the two boys, on my way to Michigan.  It was quite a ride…the 1 1/2 hour flight coincided with Vijay’s naptime, and so about halfway through he had a major meltdown before falling asleep on my lap.  Poor Vik just laid on the seat next to us during the tantrum, and just as Vijay fell asleep, he started fussing.  So there I was with Vijay asleep in my lap and Vik asleep on top of him.  A family sandwich.  What fun.

Needless to say, we made it to Michigan in one piece (barely) and fell into the waiting arms of my family.  We are so happy to be here.  Many hands do indeed make light work!

*Off topic completely, I am so excited to share this finished quilt.  I managed to handstitch the binding while driving to Vermont, and on my way home from Squam, I found the perfect backdrop to photograph the finished product.  This one is for the boys- full of fun colors and patterns!

-The fabric is LizzyHouse’s Castle Peeps
-The pattern is Kaleidoscopic Kites by Fresh Lemons
-The long-arm quilting was done by Kathy at Stitch by Stitch

3 thoughts on “Squam, Quilts and Traveling with Babies

  1. Paula

    Gorgeous quilt Christine! And… gotta love those family sandwiches:) I know it's rough with little ones but they do grow so very fast. All your adventures with them now will be wonderful stories for when they're older.

    Love, love, love your photos. Once again you have inspired me to take more photos!

  2. Heather

    Oh the quilt is just lovely. Beautiful colors.
    I'm the shy girl that said 'hello' to you at lunch on Friday at Squam. Such a pleasure meeting you and baby Vik in person. I'm enjoy reading your blog and looking at your gorgeous photos. Enjoy your time in Michigan. Safe travels. 🙂

    Heather from Louisville, KY

  3. kathy-o

    Your words….so funny, at times….so inspiring at times…and so REAL! What a handsome little guy! Your photos are beautiful…thank you for posting & giving credit to everyone! You're awesome!


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