Original Art

I have no clue when it comes to ‘real, serious’ art.  I just know what I like, and what speaks to me. When I was writing my book, I had the chance to meet hundreds of artists, and I even got to peek into several of their studios.  Some artists stuck out in my mind, one of those being Caryn King.  Her light filled studio, attached to her home in gorgeous, rural Vermont, was truly stunning to behold.  Her paintings of farm animals are so full of life and color…I knew that one day I would just have to own an original (on that wall above I pretty much want every single painting- especially the sheep in the snowstorm, the little lamb curled in the hay, and the cow against the gorgeous turquoise background…oh and the little square chicken paintings!)

While in Vermont this past weekend, we happened upon the Woodstock Art Festival, and would you guess who was selling her work there?  That’s right…none other than Caryn.  We browsed the paintings of sheep, pigs, roosters and even a moose before settling on this gorgeous painting of a cow.  The colors could not be more perfect for our home…I think she painted it just for us!

It now resides in our living room, beside my two beloved original paintings from Janet Hill.  Every time little Vijay passes our new painting, he lets out a ‘mooo.’  And that just makes me love this painting even more!

3 thoughts on “Original Art

  1. Kellen

    What a lovely addition Christine! I LOVE, of course, the sheep in the snowstorm as well. So nice to find just the pieces you are looking for and yes, it looks as though it were meant for your home.

  2. Anonymous

    do you know that your mom's friend, Susan, has a gorgeous (and very large) cow painting in her newly decorated kitchen?? It's beautiful. I know just what you mean about your cow being painted 'just for you' and even though it looks lovely in YOUR house….it would be fabulous in mine too!!!!


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