Taking a Moment

Last week, at about 1:30 on Thursday, I made an ’emergency’ phone call that I am sure all moms have made at some point.  Let me set the scene for you: a morning spent at the pediatricians extracting a splinter from Vijay’s foot.  This involved a razor, a needle and three people to hold him down.  Awful doesn’t even begin to describe it.

We walk home from the doctors, Vijay is exhausted, Vik is getting fussy, and when we step through the door all hell breaks loose.  Vik is wailing when I try to put him down for even a minute, Vijay is tired, and still weepy from his tough morning, and has an overflowing diaper…we are all just sweaty and exhausted.  This is when I pick up the phone, and call Elizabeth.  Through my tears, and the noise of two wailing babies, I tell her I need help.  Those words are hard for me to say, and yet I am so glad I was able to admit to needing a hand.  I was seriously ready to lose my damn mind.

I look down the street to see Elizabeth running towards my house.  Did I mention I absolutely love her.  She scoops up Vik while I change Vijay and put him down for a nap.  She then looks at me and says,  “Eat, take a shower, and go for a nap…now.”  And so I did.  I emerged two hours later a new women.

That next night, after another tiring day, my husband arrived home, and asked what I needed to ease my frayed nerves.  I miss wandering with my camera…I miss feeling creative and inspired, and so my answer to him was….time to take a walk.  He took Vijay out to the park, and I strapped Vik on my chest and indulged in a quiet, restorative walk with my camera in hand.   The light was beautiful, and I made my way to the local community garden.  It was a true feast for the senses…basil wafting through the air, evening sunlight dappling the garden, buzzing bees completing their days work.  I was in heaven.

These days are long, and tiring.  There is no ‘me time’ anymore.  But whether it is wandering with my camera…just for the sake of wandering.  Or calling a friend to help when I’m in need.  I’m starting to realize that every now and then, it’s okay to admit…I just need a moment.

8 thoughts on “Taking a Moment

  1. Megan

    Good for you for asking for help! It's a wonderful thing. Me time doesn't come easy; I've found I've had to schedule it and ask for it. So worth it!

  2. Paula

    Gosh you are inspiring! I mean it. I am not a new mom but an 'old' one and never make time for 'me'. I too love to wander and shoot photos with my camera… but somehow something always more pressing comes up.

    This is my favourite time of year and a great time to take some awesome photos. You have inspired me to do the same! Thanks:)

  3. Anonymous

    You have much courage…asking for help and God bless Elizabeth's sweet heart for coming when the call came. You two are a blessing to each other.

  4. elizabeth

    oh you honor me so– girl, that's why I moved here! so so glad to have time with that precious baby– and honestly, I am always amazed at how much you do— amazed. Glad you are getting some rest and recharging— your photos are gorgeous as always. . xo,e

  5. Gretchen

    How wonderful that you were able to ask for help and that your friend was able to offer it so quickly! I'm glad you got some time to destress and focus on your photography.

  6. kris

    Your photographs are beautiful. What kind of a camera do you use? Life is crazy and asks so much patience from us but you are doing it.

  7. Kellen

    Absolutely! I'm glad you took some time and thank goodness for Ms. Elizabeth. I can see her flying down the street to your house now with a huge smile on her face, arms wide to embrace you and to scoop that baby right up. What a lovely friend to have. And, thank goodness for lovely, understanding daddy's who know just what to do!


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