Late Summer Staple

Our kitchen is overflowing with tomatoes (from the market) and basil (from our overgrown, poorly-tended garden).  I have been getting creative with my cooking, trying to incorporate these two ingredients into just about every dish I make.  Egg sandwiches with freshly sliced tomatoes for breakfast, hearty salads with thick tomato sliced for lunch, and killer grilled pizza for dinner.

Can you tell that I am extra hungry these days…what with all the breastfeeding and toddler wrangling?  You can work up a real appetite combining those two activities, let me assure you.  And this pizza is pretty much the perfect remedy to my ferocious hunger.  It takes about two seconds to make (which is all the time I have to cook dinner), it’s healthy, and full of summer flavor.  I forgo pizza sauce, and instead cover the entire crust first with sliced tomatoes, then with a hefty layer of cheese, and lastly sweet corn shaved from the cob, and a sprinkling of basil.  I use Top This! pizza crust– simply don’t have the time/ energy to make my own!  I either throw it in the oven, or on the grill…and voila…a simple, delicious dinner.  What’s cooking in your late summer kitchen (bonus points if it includes basil and tomatoes!)?

6 thoughts on “Late Summer Staple

  1. Anonymous

    looks very yummy! You don't have to confess not making your own crust……it looks divine and no one will ever know………….

  2. Sarah Jean

    I have been using my bounty of basil to make avocado-basil pesto, which is heavenly thickly spread on whole wheat toast with a few slices of fresh tomato and a sprinkling of chopped bacon or some melted mozzarella.

  3. Faye

    Just what I' ve been thinking! I've enjoyed haloomi with tomato salad over pita bread and an awful lot of ciabatta,mozzarella,tomato,and pesto sandwiches. You pretty much can't go wrong with some sort of cheese-bread-tomato combo.

  4. Pam G.

    looks yummy-not familiar with Top This! though or the other mentioned
    I read your posts all the time and enjoy them, but never have commented.

  5. Christine Chitnis

    Thank you for these great recipe ideas! I love that they are all quick and easy to throw together…my kind of cooking!

    Vanessa- I haven't tried Seven Stars dough, but I need to. I have heard it is amazing. I think Olga's also has a ready-made dough. If you try either one, let me know what you think!


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