…and then there were four

We welcomed Vikram John into the world at 3:39am on July 30th- his actual due date, punctual little man!  He is an absolute dream- with his soft cap of black hair, and sweet, peaceful little soul.  We love him so…  Vijay is quite enamored with his new brother, smothering him non-stop with ‘gentle’ kisses and pats.  I can’t wait to share more, but for now, we are resting and enjoying our time together as a new family of four!

47 thoughts on “…and then there were four

  1. Susan

    Welcome to the world VJ! The lake lovers in Michigan were so happy to see the news. May this transition be kind to the parents and grandparents we know and love.

  2. Kellen

    Oh my goodness Christine, he is beautiful! Congratulations to you and your family. What a blessing. Pamper youself now too mama. You deserve it! Sending our love from across the states…

  3. Vixanne

    Oh, wonderful! You sure do make cute babies. Enjoy your quiet time together getting to know Vikram, and huge congratulations to you all. xxx

  4. Anonymous

    Your most perfect and beautiful creations are certianly your children! Congratulations and many blessings to all!

  5. MSB

    So wonderful Christine!! Congratulations!! Funny story – I was reading something today and the the letters V and J were next to each other in the piece. And I said to myself “VJ. Vijay. Oh my goodness – I have to check Christine's blog!!” So, here I am and seeing some precious, delightful news… Congrats again!!

  6. Amy

    Congrats to you and the “boys” in your life, such a precious thing. My youngest daughter turned 7 on July 31.Enjoy every moment, because time goes by so fast!!!


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