Newport Weekend Escape

We had a false alarm this morning!  Oh, I was so sure this was it…but alas, no labor in sight.  Thank goodness for dear friends who rush over at 5am to take care of sleeping babes.  It truly takes a village to support a growing family, and I am so lucky to count Elizabeth as one of my cherished ‘villagers.’

Anyway….this weekend found us in Newport, for a quick overnight, as my husband was playing in a squash tournament at St. George’s.  I wasn’t sure I would be up for an active weekend- but we found plenty to do that didn’t involve too much walking!  A lovely sailboat ride, a driving tour of the Newport Mansions along Bellevue Avenue, and plenty of good eats.

A few of our favorite things:
*the pizza at Pasta Beach
*every single item at the luscious natural skincare boutique Farmaesthetics
*brunch at The Spiced Pear
*the Cliff Walk for beautiful scenery

On our way home Sunday afternoon, we stopped for a picnic lunch at one of my favorite places, Sweet Berry Farm.  U-pick peaches, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, plus a ride on a tractor.  Pretty much the best day ever!  And now, back home…we continue our waiting game!

4 thoughts on “Newport Weekend Escape

  1. Megan

    Sigh. I LOVE Newport. Haven't been there in forever! A friend is getting married there in October so I can't wait to see it all again. Sounds like the baby will be here soon!!!! Yay!!!!

  2. Kellen

    Yeah for Elizabeth! boo for the false alarm. I always knew it was just a “hey, just wanted you to know I'm getting ready” kind of thing. Exciting and frustrating equally. Sending breezy, cool summer thoughts your way. Lovely weekend. Lovely boys.

  3. laura gaffke

    Christine, I have been following your blog since I met you at Squam a few years ago and wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading about your journey. Your pictures are always amazing and your writing is heartfelt, authentic and beautiful. Sending the warmest wishes your way…love, laura


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