Pink Gooseberries

It has been a difficult week, both emotionally and physically, I will admit.  I have been suffering from sciatic pain, nausea and contractions, all of which confined me to bed for the first half of the week.  I miss spending time with my little one- it breaks my heart that I am missing out on these last days of ours together as a twosome.  Luckily, I have an amazing husband, and a wonderful babysitter, both of whom have been helping out in shifts.

This morning, I took a turn for the better.  Knowing I had a fridge full of farmers market produce, I decided it was time to make a nourishing breakfast treat for my family.  They have been consisting on take-out and frozen leftovers- although they are no worse for the wear, this also breaks my heart.

Last weekend, I found these amazing pink gooseberries for sale at the Southside Community Land Trust farm stand.  I wasn’t sure what they even were, to be honest.  But the kind farmer gave me a taste, and as the sweet tartness of the berry exploded in mouth, I envisioned a gorgeous muffin made with these little gems.  I used this recipe from Joy the Baker, and used half black raspberries, and half gooseberries.  I made two changes to the recipe- I used whole wheat flour, and added a sprinkling of sugar atop each muffin before baking.  The result- a sweet, tart, wholesome snack.  It’s always easier to tackle the day ahead with a belly full of homemade baked goods! 

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