Calm, Cool Nursery

I am quite thrilled with how our second nursery turned out.  I still love Vijay’s nursery, and he is a huge fan of his room, and I appreciate the things I have learned from watching him interact with his space.  I have found that for our family, less is more, even when it comes to babies and toddlers. 

There are not many toys in Vijay’s room- only his very favorites- and other than his crib, bookshelf, dresser and rocking chair, there really isn’t much else.  This seems to create a calming, clutter free environment- which I think helps promote good sleep.  The one thing we do have plenty of…books!  He loves to read now, and I love introducing him to new books, so we don’t skimp on that department.

When it came to putting together this nursery, I kept it incredibly simple, and tried to use things we already had on hand.  I love the result- it feels incredibly light and airy, simple yet beautiful.  I hope our little man will love it as much as we do.

Vijay has been so curious about the changes in the room- he wants to get into the crib, and he is constantly peeking in, pointing to the crib and inquiring, “Baby?”  Oh what a surprise awaits him…!  Anyway, I would love to know what you think of our new space!

Nursery sources
Paint color: C2 Lichen
Crib: Ikea Hensvik
Large map: Ikea
Changing table (picture here): Pottery Barn Kids (Vijay’s old changing table, originally bought on Craigslist)
Changing table knobs: Anthropologie
Rug: Dash and Albert, Seaglass Stripe
Felt balls: Multi-mix from Handbehg Felts
Bedding: An assortment of bedding, and fabric (from which I made pillows) that I already owned
Little rocking chair: gift
Paper lantern with garland: used this project!
Baby booties: Gifts from the lovely Karen, owner of our local yarn shop, Fresh Purls (seriously, the sweetest gift ever!)

11 thoughts on “Calm, Cool Nursery

  1. Nina

    I absolutely love it. The colors are perfectly calming – as bedroom colors should be. I also love your simple decorative touches. You are so talented!

  2. mjb

    So are you going with 2 changing tables, too? We had been thinking of moving the changing station out of the bedrooms, but I think the convenience factor has us looking for a second one. We'll be doing a room switch into a toddler bed, though, so we can't set up the room for our girl until our son has moved into his new space!

  3. Kellen

    Beautiful. I love it. So soft, sweet, simple. Just what you and the new baby will need. Great job mama! Now you can rest? relax? Read something inspiring? Thinking of you….

  4. Star

    I've hopped in just as you are about to give birth. Good luck with that! Lovely pictures of your nursery. I wonder how long it will stay that tidy? Saw your article in Artful Blogging from July 2010 and enjoyed your pictures in there immensely.


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