Markets of Paris…a Giveaway

I made it out of bed briefly this weekend to pay a visit to our farmers market.  Reason being- stone fruits are in season, and because of their brief growing season around here- I simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to stock up on peaches, cherries, nectarines and plums (not to mention blueberries and raspberries).  Elizabeth and I went together, and she supported me as I limped from booth to booth…a rather sad sight!  We arrived before the market even opened, and scoped out the best offerings.  We both left satisfied, market bags heavy with produce treasure.

The flowers seemed especially gorgeous, and although none of these bouquets came home with me, I was quite happy to capture them on camera.  I really do think that markets are my most favorite photography subject.  
Which leads me right into talking about Markets of Paris, 2nd Edition.  I have only been to Paris once, after graduating from college, and I have been yearning to return ever since.  It kills me that I hadn’t yet discovered photography at that point in my life, and so I have no images of Paris except those that live in my memory.
What I remember most vividly are the markets, and when I return, I will do so with a dog-eared copy of Markets of Paris, the latest offering from my beloved publisher, The Little Bookroom.  I received a copy to review, and found myself getting lost in its pages, dreaming of my next trip.  I am thrilled to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a copy.  Even if you don’t have a trip to Paris planned anytime in the near future, you will thoroughly enjoy flipping through the pages, daydreaming about the market scene.  Leave a comment here to win- any comment will do, but I would love to hear what market offerings you are loving these days.  My top two would have to be peaches, and the first sweet corn of the season.  Good luck!

23 thoughts on “Markets of Paris…a Giveaway

  1. Laken

    That book sounds wonderful! I went to Paris several years ago and was taken back by the beauty. I'd love to go again some day. Current favorite offering: berries and peaches! Summertime is wonderful for sweet treats!

  2. Abby

    I've been dreaming of going to Paris for some time now, and the book looks lovely! Favorite foods at the market right now are blueberries and peaches (perfect for pies).

  3. Kellen

    I spent a summer in Paris during college for an exchange program. It was magical. I loved getting to know my surroundings as well as the people. They really can be lovely when we try to speak french. I lived with a darling mama and her 18 month old baby. What an experience. A few favorites…cobblestone streets, hot crepes, people watching, and the lilt of the language. I hope to go back someday soon!

    So glad you made it to the market for a bit of beauty. And, peaches of course.

  4. MeredithM

    Ooh how divine – I'd love to keep this book by my bedside and fall asleep each night dreaming of a different market to visit. Right now my favourite local offerings include Ontario peas and strawberries.

  5. Tara Celeste

    Oooh, I would love to win! I'm going to Paris next month along with my husband and our twenty month old son. And my favorite pick of the markets right about now would have to be the cherries!

  6. Professoressa

    This would be such a delightful gift for my partner's upcoming birthday. I lived in France before he and I met and I would love to share something of my previous life with him.

    Perhaps the book will inspire Paris as a honeymoon location for us. With so many wonderful countries to explore, it's a tough decision.

    I recently went to our local Granville Island Market and took a ton of pictures that I will be sharing throughout the next few days/weeks.

    Two of my favorite market finds so far are not food at all, although there is plenty to feast on. The beautiful hand made hats and bird houses made me want to come home and create!

  7. Cara

    Would love a copy of this to take with me as my family relocates from Boston to London this summer. I see many trips to Paris in our future. Closer to home I have really been enjoying the SOWA market – great mix of handicrafts, food trucks, produce, art and interesting people.

  8. Sandra Montgomery

    Hi Christine
    I have wanted to go to Paris since I was twelve. My husband is taking me in the autumn for our 25th wedding anniversary. I can't wait! I don't have markets like yours near home but once a month there is a Continental Food Market in town which is great to visit. My daughter and I had wonderful Polish hot dogs last time.

  9. Kayla Poole

    My now-husband proposed in Paris at this time last summer and told me that he did it there “so we'd always have Paris to return to again and again.” I own and adore your book and have gifted it to more than one person (I'm from New England). I would love to add “Markets of Paris” to my collection and utilize it each time we return to the city of light. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  10. Christina

    My husband and I are planning trip to Paris this time next year and I dream of visiting the markets there! Thank you for making this available to your readers!

    Take care,


  11. agujasblog

    My favorite markets are old coin and stamp markets. I practically walked into one in Paris and came home with old French paper currency for my son's collection.

  12. Colleen

    Qulle surprise! I could spend most of my day in the markets in my hometown, but am very much looking forward to the week I'll spend in Paris this fall. I hope to see a few of their markets too. My favorite market find at the moment is the crepe vendor at the weekday farmer's market near work.

  13. Kellie from Indiana

    What a lovely getaway! My favorite market finds has to be the corn (yum) and the crafts made by local artisans. But most of all it has to be the feeling of community. Can't leave out the wonderful colors of all the things that are in season!

  14. Local Honey

    Hi Christine, I just found your blog for the first time! It's lovely! What a fun giveaway! We've just moved to Marblehead MA from Upstate NY and are just discovering the lovely Farmers Market here 🙂

  15. Carroll

    i never want summer to end! i live in chicago
    & am enjoying peaches and cherries…
    thanks for the lovely giveaway–i've never
    been to paris, but it's at the top of my list!


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