With my unexpected ‘bed rest‘ I have found the time to finish a few projects I had forgotten about.  This project resurfaced while I was cleaning out my studio, getting ready to start on the nursery.  I found this beautiful, hand-pieced quilt square at Brimfield a few years back, and I bought it without a clue as to what I might do with it…I guess I just loved the idea that someone, somewhere had spent time picking out each piece of fabric, and hand-piecing it together…what a neat little piece of their history.

It occured to me while entertaining a few months ago, that we could use a few hot pads (I found myself setting down hot dishes on folded up dishtowels, effective but not so pretty!).  I decided to hand quilt this square, back it with a durable swatch of vintage canvas fabric, and sandwich two layers of batting in the middle.  The result is a nice, thick hot pad…which is getting more use as a showpiece on these hot summer nights when there will be no steaming dishes pulled from the oven!

5 thoughts on “Stitching

  1. beki

    it's wonderful!
    i had sciatic pain with #2, which was awful. i hope that your pain is short lived (and never comes back – thankfully i had no problems with #3 and #4 ;-))

  2. Kellen

    Great hot pad! I love the colors and it definitely falls under the catergory of fabulous AND functional. Hope you have some fun things to work on while “in bed” for a bit. If you need any knitting suggestions I'm your gal as I love talking about knitting. Let me know if I can do anything. Care package perhaps? Love to you.


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