Early Summer at the Market

The colors of early summer…jeweled cherry tomatoes, ruby red strawberries, bright yellow flowers.  I go with a shopping list in mind, and end up buying based the colors of the rainbow instead.  Luckily, I win out either way, coming home with my market basket overloaded with beautiful, ripe produce.

Dinners have been veggie and fruit forward- pasta with chopped tomatoes and peas, topped with crumbled feta, followed by berry cobbler (made with the first blueberries of the season!).  Kitchen sink salad (every green you can imagine, topped with goat cheese, chicken, and quinoa), followed by chocolate ice cream topped with strawberries.  As for lunch- bagels smeared with ricotta, and topped with loads of fresh vegetables.

I feel my best when eating this way…light, fresh and keeping with the rhythm of the season.

2 thoughts on “Early Summer at the Market

  1. Nicole

    that's one of the best things about summer, isn't it? so many fresh and colorful food to choose from. your meals as of late are making my mouth water and your pictures are stunning!


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