Country Store

I had to think twice about sharing this secret find…an antique store that is super affordable, with an amazing selection of goods.  While I love mid century modern design, and sleeker vintage looks, I really love antique stores that specialize in the ‘light and airy French, shabby chic” look, as I like to call it…white painted furniture, wire baskets, turquoise glass jars.  Until recently, I hadn’t found a store nearby to fit the bill…

After a call to the Rhode Island Antiques Mall to inquire if they had any white dressers (for the new nursery), I was pointed in the direction of the Wrentham Country Store– about a 20 minute drive from my house.

I called inquiring about dressers, and when I heard they had about 10 to choose from, I hopped in the car the first free moment I had, and made the trip.  I am so glad that I did, because not only did I find a dresser (you can see a corner of it, mint green with ceramic white handles, peeking out from the first photo above), but I loved the selection offered, and the prices are so affordable.  My little dresser- $30! What a welcomed surprise after the sticker shock of Brimfield!

For any local Rhode Islanders, or Massachusetts readers, if this is your style, the Wrentham Country Store is surely worth a visit.  As tempting as it was to keep my new find all to myself, I would love to see others enjoy their great selection!

4 thoughts on “Country Store

  1. Tristen Dixey

    Thank you so much for sharing this amazing find! This is exactly the place I've been looking for. I plan to take a trip there on Saturday now, hoping a few things I see in this last photo are still around!


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