Sweltering Sweater Weather

It seems rather humorous that I would wait until we have a streak of 90+ degree weather before showing off my knitted, warm, woolen baby sweater.  But I am extremely proud of my handiwork, and it turned out pretty darn cute, thanks to loads of help from the sweet ladies at my local yarn shop Fresh Purls.  I am a nervous knitter for some reason, so every time I run into the slightest pattern confusion, I rush to the shop for their help.  Bless them for their patience, for this must have seemed like the never-ending baby sweater to them!  Now, I am retiring my knitting needles for the summer- I find it much too hot and sticky to be draped in yarn.  In fact, we’re all hanging out in our bathing suits around here, and as the temperature spikes, I am getting very tempted to take a dip in our tiny baby pool.  Big pregnant lady floating in a tiny baby pool- awkward, but effective.  Hope you find a way to keep cool this weekend!

3 thoughts on “Sweltering Sweater Weather

  1. Helle (Helen)

    A lovely sweater. When I was a kid we lived in Tanzania for 4 years, and my mum didn't always have an awful lot to do, so being an avid knitter she knitted thick woolen sweaters for lots of family members back home. She must have felt like you at times sitting there covered in thick yarn in all that heat. Enjoy your time in the baby pool.


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