There is nothing I love better than wandering.  Whether it be strolling through a new town, or driving down a country road, I love the idea of getting lost, only to discover exactly what you were looking for…a sweet little shop, a roadside farmstand or a hidden garden.

While in New Hampshire last week, I took an afternoon to wander the countryside, in search of farms, fields and fresh produce.  Happily, I found all three!  There was a quirky roadside farmstand, overflowing with the seasons first tomatoes, sunflowers and strawberries.

Then there was a sheep farm, where the kind owners let me meet their flock, and pick out gorgeous natural yarns for my next knitting project.  Can’t you just imagine the gorgeous yarn colors, given the varied coats of their flock?  I went with a creamy white, and a chocolatey brown, which I am planning to use for matching winter hats for the boys.

Finally, on my way home from Squam, there was a stop at Pickity Place, a lunch spot with beautiful gardens and greenhouses to explore.

As my due date draws near, I am definitely savoring these rare moments of freedom.  I think one of the things I miss most about my unattached (read: childless) days, is the freedom that I had to wander whenever the urge struck.  If I wanted to pick strawberries, I could hop in the car, drive to a local farm, and spend the afternoon in the fields.  If I came across a review of an interesting dining option, I could steal my husband away for a weekend afternoon of lunching.

Obviously, these events are few and far between when you have a toddler in tow, especially one that doesn’t enjoy the car whatsoever.  However, now that I no longer have a breastfeeding infant, my leash has gotten a bit longer, and every once and awhile, I manage a wander.  Knowing that in a month, I will be back to those infant days, only this time with a feisty toddler along for the ride, I fully realize the importance of savoring every moment in which I am allowed to wander.

5 thoughts on “Wandering

  1. Anonymous

    Okay am I the only person that sees 'marijuana' in that sign from the roadside stand? Rubbing my eyes over here! 😀

  2. Nicole

    does that sign really say “marijuana”?! hilarious!

    I am a wanderer myself. What a lovely wander you had. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. cal

    aaaahhh, who doesn't love to wander? and NH is so rich with character. okay, must know the name/location of the sheep farm/yarn shop! that's the kind of place i adore, and would love to visit when i come that way in september…


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