His Favorite Book

Vijay has just recently begun noticing family pictures around the house, pointing out ‘mama,’ ‘dada,’ and his favorite, ‘nana’ (somehow, that is Tom Tom, my little brother, his uncle).  When I saw the adorable cloth book that Amanda made for her daughter’s first birthday, I knew I had to make something similar for my little guy.  I tried to choose pictures of family members, and Vijay doing some of his favorite things- eating, taking a bath, swimming, throwing stones with grandma, and riding a bulldozer. 

I used some fabric that I had laying around, and fabric printer paper, which allowed me to print pictures straight from my computer printer.  I am pretty darn pleased with the result, as is Vijay, who absolutely loves his new book.  He gets a kick out of pointing out all of the people and items that he recognizes!  I wanted to photograph him ‘reading’ his new favorite book, but the morning slipped away from us, and now he is sound asleep- so these snapshots will have to suffice!

This project came together pretty quickly- over the course of a few naptime sewing sessions.  I tried to make it very sturdy, but not too ‘precious.’  Although I have the urge to think of handmade items as keepsakes, the reality is, I want them to be used and loved now- and oh- how he loves his new book!

4 thoughts on “His Favorite Book

  1. Vixanne

    I love this little book! It looks brilliant 🙂 I really think I might have to make one for my little boy who's around the same age as Vijay (he's always taking the photos out of my wallet to look at).

  2. Nancy

    So so beautiful! What a treasure! I have made ABC books for my two nieces when they were just learning their ABC's. “A” is for Aunt Nancy, with a photo of me, “B” is for brother…it was the MOST fun to make, and is something I hope they will adore forever. I cheated and had them printed through Picasa, but I really love your stitched books!!

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