It has been raining here this week- wet, gray, long days.  There has been a sadness in the air, brought on not only by the rain, but the fact that one of my good friends is moving away.  I feel a bit restless, quiet, melancholy, like I am not quite sure what to make of the news.  This is an awkward phase of our lives- young families have a tendency to move frequently, and the good-byes are difficult because of the strong bonds we formed in the early days of motherhood.  We have one friend moving for her husbands residency, another for a job…too many good-byes for me. 

The only bright spot this week has been taking in the colorful blooms and revived greenery around town, thanks to the constant drizzle.  Because of the early warm weather, many of the bushes and trees shot forth their flowers prematurely, and then looked sad and wilted in the heat.  They are coming back to life now, reminding me that good things lay ahead, despite how it may feel in this moment.

3 thoughts on “Quiet

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