Weekend Shopping

I am not a big shopper, and these days my fashion go-to’s include drawstring pants, large shapeless shirts and flip-flops.  But I am eying a new pair of shoes for this summer- something stylish and cute, yet comfortable, as we spend most of our days outside, walking from here to there.  So I am here to ask if any of you have jumped on the clog trend (bonus- you can slip them on!).  I think they are super cute, and they seem pretty comfy (not sure if I can handle the heel though…).  But what do you think- will these work for a new mom who is on-the-go, constantly chasing a toddler? 

Here are a few of my favorites!  If you have any other cute styles to add, leave a comment and help me out!

Sources: Pastel outfit, Loeffler Randall Clog, Swedish Hasbeens, Haurache Heel

2 thoughts on “Weekend Shopping

  1. Anonymous

    Try Dansko Clogs – there's a store on Thayer street that carries them! I have two pairs and swear by them!

  2. erin

    i've been in clogs since the 6th grade. love them. i like the swedish brand ugglebo. they're more affordable than some of the others, and just as cute. though you've picked out some real lookers here!


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