It’s a Boy Thing

Today was pretty much the best day of young Vijay’s life.  Every morning this week, we walk to our local bakery, I grab a coffee and we sit outside and watch the road construction.  What a calming, peaceful way to start the day…!

It seems that an incredible love for trucks is simply ingrained into the very being of my little boy.  He is obsessed with both trucks and buses, letting out shouts of joy every single time one passes us by on the street.  So imagine his delight to see excavators, bulldozers, pavers, front end loaders and dump trucks all in one place (yes- I know each of these by name, having now read My First Truck Book at least 2,000 times- and that is a conservative estimate).

Now imagine having a real live construction worker, with a cool orange vest and hard hat, ask if he would like to ‘drive’ the paver.  I think Vijay’s little head almost imploded at the sheer awesomeness of it all!

The best part was when he reached over and tried to turn the keys.  I have no doubt if left to his own devices, he would have figured out how to start the paver, revved up the engine and driven off into the sunset.

Raising a son (soon to be plural!) is such a unique challenge.  They really are wired differently from us, and I find the “boy world” a fascinating one to explore.  Being a mom to a toddler boy means the following:

-All of those so-called indestructible board books have been ripped to shreds and lay in various pieces around the house
-You know the name, and function, of every single type of truck on the road
-Wee and poo jokes are already in rotation (seriously- how does he already get potty humor?)
-You have never had a better kiss than that sweet, slobbery, little open mouth peck (each night before bed, I ask, “kiss for mama?” and he comes and presses his face to mine- I live for those moments)
-You buy clothes based not on cuteness, but on durability and wash-ability
-There is already at least one hole in one wall of your house from where some object was thrown with great force
-You realize that the love you have for this tiny boy is unlike the love you have ever felt for another man, whether it be your husband, dad or brother.  There is simply nothing that can compare with that mother-son bond.  I would go to battle for him, in a heartbeat.
-You fall into bed each night completely exhausted, but still laughing from the days events

I’m sure I’ve missed a few…do you have any to add?!

7 thoughts on “It’s a Boy Thing

  1. GB

    Oh Boy, I remember those days! With us it was motorcycles, and we had several biker dudes (with leather jackets and the works) offer to let him “ride” their bikes over the years, which made for a very ecstatic tot!

    Funny, with all the rough and tumble, sometimes it's easy to forget the sweet sensitive boy inside…one who still sleeps with his teddy bear and rushes over to help another kid in need. Boys are different, yes, but I've learnt that they're also very special.

  2. elizabeth

    what a beautiful heart-filled post– and double bonus for mama are hard hats who offer their rigs to little boys . . it is a whole different world for sure– I wouldn't know a one truck from another– don't even notice them . . it's wild.

  3. michelle gd

    oh, what a fun post! it brought back so many memories of when my son was vijay's age. we went through the whole truck phase as well and i remember learning all the truck names…i laughed reading your post!

    the clothes thing…being bought for durability 🙂

    my son also had a fascination for large garbage cans. a favorite walk was through the neighborhood on a wednesday afternoon or thursday morning when all the trash cans were on the curb. he seriously got giddy in the backpack when approaching each can. and we were on friendly terms with the garbage collectors…handmade cookies for them and such 😉

  4. Anonymous

    Christine, I purchased this video for my son years ago, “STAGE FRIGHT PRODUCTIONS CLOSE UP AND VERY PERSONAL BIG RIGS”. It was in video format only back then but is finally available on DVD via I have to tell you that it was such a big hit in our neighborhood that I had to create a waiting-list because so many other kids and moms wanted to borrow it. No high pitched annoying voices or long winded explanations, only truck sound effects. Trust me, it will be his/your favorite! ~ Deb


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