Welcoming the Sun

This week finds us at the beach, soaking up the Jamaican sun.  About a month ago, my dad called us, and excitedly explained that my younger brother had a week off from school in February, and how would we feel about joining them on a warm weather vacation.  Didn’t need to ask twice- that’s for sure!

I have never seen a baby so happy to be on the beach- he runs from the sand, full-tilt into the ocean, until he’s almost over his head, and then turns around and runs back, laughing the entire time.  We spend the entire day doing just this- and he hasn’t been this happy since last summer, I swear! After a day in the salt water, you should see his little corkscrew curls…too precious.
 The resort where we are staying is gorgeous, with lush gardens, and long beaches.  I love wandering around the grounds, camera in hand, capturing images of the Dr. Seuss-like plants, and interesting creatures.
We’ll mainly stay around here, relaxing, and enjoying the beaches, pools and playground.  Later in the week, I’ll hook up with a local contact for a foodie tour of the area, including stops at an organic farm, popular fishing spot and local markets.  I can’t wait!  Until then, back to the beach!

7 thoughts on “Welcoming the Sun

  1. Anonymous

    The beach looks lovely and your trip sounds wonderful especially with the tour of the local markets and organic farm. Would you be able to share with us where in Jamaica this is happening?

  2. elizabeth

    your photos bring it all in in full– gorgeous— and oh that baby loves his beach! he is such a beach baby— oh my. thank you for sharing all the beauty of it– really feeds the soul xoxo, e


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