London Bound

In what promises to be a grand last hoorah (that is, before the second baby comes along), Elizabeth and I are going to London…that’s right, just the two of us.  We are there on official Squam business (we get to decide what’s official, so take that with a grain of salt!), taking a workshop, in the English countryside, with an incredible textile/sculpture teacher that Elizabeth has had her eye on for quite some time.  Once the workshop wraps, we will be hanging out in London for a few days- shopping, dining and taking in the sites.  My camera is packed and at the ready- I can hardly wait to share this adventure with you!

My husband just returned from 2 1/2 weeks abroad for work, so I have been on full-time baby duty for the better half of the month (add a few days of the little one battling the stomach flu, just for good measure).  While I am excited for some alone time, I am pretty anxious and sad to be saying goodbye to my little guy (I haven’t even spent a night away from him since he was born).  I know that he is in good hands- but oh my- will I miss him.

Just the other day, before the snow melted, we went sledding together.  I pulled him to the park on the sled, and he giggled with joy the entire way.  It’s hard to imagine loving a sound more than I love that little laugh of his.  I’m holding this image close to my heart as I set sail for London…

4 thoughts on “London Bound

  1. thea

    Have fun love. I remember being away the first time…it was so exhilarating but there was an ache. That first moment when you see him again will be sublime…makes it worth being away. And heck London with Elizabeth that will be joyous and so fun you will be distracted. xo

  2. Julia

    Hope you have a wonderful trip. Cannot wait to see photos and hear all about your trip. I know you will miss your little one, but enjoy this break, you deserve it!


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