Holiday Baking

I was cruising around a few of my favorite blogs yesterday, when I came across these gorgeous, rich, chocolate Biscotti over at Nectar.  I grabbed a mixing bowl and immediately began throwing together the ingredients, the batter quickly coming together in a dark, pillow-y cloud of sweetness.

Although it takes a bit of patience- there is quite a bit of baking, cooling, re-baking, and re-cooling to be done- it is always worth it come coffee time.  Dunking these long, slender, crunchy cookies in a rich cup of coffee laced with milk…there is nothing better.  Any good holiday baking recipes or links that you care to share with me?  I’m inspired to get some more baking done today!

2 thoughts on “Holiday Baking

  1. Anonymous

    every thing in your blog always seems almost too Impeccable! Just curious do you always have time to bake something right away or plan a vacation without troubles and bake and cook after a looong day with a toddler?


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