Home for the Holidays

We flew home to Michigan over the weekend- just me and the little guy.  We are spending a couple weeks here, through the New Year.  It’s wonderful to be home for Christmas, crafting, baking, spending time with family- all of the things that the holidays are about.

Last night, little Vijay fell asleep in my arms.  I rocked him to sleep- my busy, walking toddler.  I kissed his little curls and thought- all I want for Christmas is to stop time in this very moment.

We’ve been making these vintage Christmas ornaments, here’s how:

Instructions to Make Vintage Postcard Ornaments.
*Find a vintage postcard, and cut the image to the size you desire.
*Cut a piece of foam board to match, and glue the image on.
*Pick a ribbon that is the width of the foam board, and glue it over the raw edge of the foam board.
*Frame the picture in rick-rack, gluing it in place.
*Poke holes through the top of the foam board using a thin piece of wire,  and thread the wire through, forming a hanger.
*You can decorate with beads, if you desire.  Secure the hanger by twisting the ends with pliers.

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