Giveaway: The Nimbus Factory

Oh my, Friday already.  It seems as we get close to the holidays, the days start to move at warp speed.  To kick off the weekend, how about a giveaway!  I am a huge fan of The Nimbus Factory’s work- from adorable journals, to cheery greeting cards, their work is always unique.

I love these cheeky greeting cards!
Totally obsessed with this adorable pig journal!
Oh my- this wrapping paper would be perfect for little Vijay’s Christmas presents!
Now for a giveaway…just in time for the holiday!  The Nimbus Factory is offering one lucky reader a set of their Mythical Creatures Holiday Card set, which includes 12 cards, each with a different whimsical creature, from a unicorn to a yeti, elf to mermaid!  Just leave a comment to win…I will draw a winner next week!  Happy weekending! 

13 thoughts on “Giveaway: The Nimbus Factory

  1. Crissy

    Oh my gosh, Christine, these are amazing! Gotta check out their journals! Are they a Prov company? (I will find this out as soon as I look at their website, no need to reply.) thanks for the giveaway!


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