Lincoln Park aka My Old Stomping Ground

While in Chicago, we made our way, bright and early one morning, to the Lincoln Park Zoo. The brisk, sunny weather was perfect for strolling, looking at the animals…or should I say, the empty cages!  We were there before the zoo opened, although the grounds are always open for strolling, so most of the animals were inside, being fed and groomed.  
We saw lions and giraffes from a distance, but I’m not even sure little Vijay spotted them.  It wasn’t until we went into the Botanical Gardens that he really perked up.  Perhaps it was the colorful flowers, or maybe it was the steamy, warm air.

Either way, it was a morning filled with memories of my time living in Lincoln Park.  I used to walk through the park, and stop in the garden, whenever I had a free morning.  But that’s the thing…I almost never had a free morning.  Working six days a week left very little time for anything else.  That is one of the greatest joys of my life these days- time to spend lazy mornings and afternoons out in the world, exploring, wandering and taking it all in- with my little guy along for the ride, of course.

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