The Shedd Aquarium

We spent Thanksgiving in Chicago, with my parents, brothers, and extended family.  It was such a lovely trip, although at times, bittersweet.  I lived in Chicago after graduating from college, until I married and moved to Providence.  It is a city filled with memories of an amazing time in my life, and it was hard not to miss the independence and freedom I had when I was living there in my early twenties.

And yet, it was absolutely amazing to introduce my little guy to the many Chicago landmarks that defined my time there.  I have always loved the Shedd Aquarium- I used to take the kids I worked with there at least once a semester.   I’m pretty sure I enjoyed it more than they did- I am such a water baby at heart.  Someday I will live on the water, where I can swim, and possibly even scuba dive whenever the urge strikes.  Until that time, I will have to be content to press my face against the glass and marvel at the wonders of the sea.

The jellyfish exhibit is at the Shedd for a limited time- I was so thrilled to be able to see it.  How beautiful, and intricate are these guys?

Little Vijay was fascinated by the sea life, wanting to touch the fish through the glass with his chubby little hands.  He was mesmerized by the sea lion that kept surfacing to breath only inches away from us.  He also loved the sea anemones, beluga whales, and the eerie green eel.  I think, given how captivated he was by the whole experience, that we might have a future ocean explorer on our hands.  Nothing would make his mama more proud!

5 thoughts on “The Shedd Aquarium

  1. Andrea

    *Love* the jellyfish photos – gorgeous!! And I agree, Chicago is a marvelous city, especially fun to explore with little ones. Glad Vijay was so mesmerized 🙂


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