36 Hours in Providence

This weekend, Elizabeth and I played tour guide to the lovely Kayte Terry, visiting from Philly.  You know how the New York Times does “36 Hours in ….” travel articles? Well…though they covered Providence, I’d like to offer up my own version.

Kayte arrived late Friday night, so our official Providence tour began on Saturday morning with a leisurely walk down Thayer Street, through the Brown Campus and down College Hill to the RISD campus, where we visited the Nature Lab, and the RISD Store.  Three crafty ladies let loose in the mecca of all art supply stores- look out.

We lunched at AS220, which has the most amazing, cheap, healthy, local food.  Over lunch we talked of our creative visions, what it means to live the life of a freelancer, and the puzzling landscape of blogs these days!  I’m pretty sure we solved the world’s problems over our kale and roasted butternut squash salad.

We walked home, through the afternoon shadows and gorgeous fall foliage, and spent the early evening playing blocks and cars with little Vijay (he was quite taken with Kayte…in fact, I think he might have a crush!).  That night, dinner at La Laiterie.  Good wine and cheese, mussels and fresh salads.  It was heavenly.

Sunday, after Elizabeth hosted us for a gorgeous breakfast, we spent the afternoon walking down Hope Street, poking in the adorable shops and stopping for an afternoon treat at Seven Stars.  A casual dinner at home, and dessert at the world-famous Pastiche.  Today, Kayte hops on the train and heads home to Philly…and I can only hope that we have indeed shown her the very best of our little town!

6 thoughts on “36 Hours in Providence

  1. christianne

    Hi there, Christine. I don't believe I've ever commented here before — I just found your blog recently through Elizabeth's. But this post in particular had me exclaiming aloud to my hubby, “We must go to Providence, Rhode Island, someday — because we love beauty!”

    Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂


  2. Abby

    That is so funny–I left Providence to visit my sister in Philly this past weekend! A reverse trip of sorts. But this sounds like a great tour; it's making me think I'll have to play fake tourist one of these weekends…

  3. about a fox

    oh man– your photos of the Red leaves and the one below it of the green bench are maybe two of my ALL-TIME favorite photos of yours– seriously, I would hang those on the wall. xox, E


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