I have been feeling the passing of time in a deep way- having a toddler will do that to you.  He seems to be growing and changing right before our very eyes.  Most recently, I made the decision to wean him…and that, for me, was an extremely emotional decision to make.  After a year of nursing, a year of spending precious, still moments together, we have closed that chapter.  It is a bit overwhelming to think about what that means- never again will I nurse this baby of mine- it is so very final.  It means that our “baby days” have come to an end, and we have officially entered the toddler years.  I am feeling rather melancholy about the whole thing…a tad bit blue, if I’m being honest.  It is most likely a mix of hormones, with a touch of grief at how quickly the first year flew by.

However, there is exciting news on the toddler front:
-He took his first steps this past Friday.  Three steps, from me, to my husband.  We felt so lucky to both witness this milestone.  His drunken sailor walk is just precious.
-Nothing in the world is more exciting than doggies.  Although, the idea of them is much more appealing to him than the reality!   The reality is a bit slobbery, and hairy, and just a wee bit scary.
-When he is no longer hungry, it’s just hilarious to throw the rest of the food on his tray at the wall, and watch how it sticks.  On my end- not finding this too hilarious.
-And finally, in case you can’t tell what a mischievous little man he is from the pictures, I will share this anecdote:  This weekend, he was playing nicely in his playroom, and I was talking on the phone.  He hates when I talk on the phone and don’t pay full attention to him.  When I was turned the other way, he crawled over, stood up and bit me right on the butt- sinking his sharp little teeth right through my jeans.  When I yelped and tried to scold him, he thought it was the funniest thing in the world.  He laughed until he fell over.  Lord help us when the terrible two’s come round.

Oh yes…time is marching forward, whether I like it or not.

4 thoughts on “Lately…

  1. thea

    What a precious set of pictures Christine! He is so precious. I imagine this milestone must be a bit sad. I remember grieving a bit when it became obvious Trey was becoming a toddler and the baby stage was ending. I am now facing the end of little boy to boy as he turns 7 in March.

  2. Anonymous

    I can't believe I had to read your blog to hear the “first steps” news! Shame on you;)
    love, Mom
    p.s. call me!

  3. Kayla Poole

    Hahaha, our most beloved family anecdote is the tale of my little sister (age 1.5 at the time) quietly sneaking up and taking a chunk–literally–out of my mom's butt while she washed dishes. Mom screamed and Emma ran down the hallway hysterically laughing.


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