The First Year

We are celebrating my baby’s first birthday this coming weekend (though his official birthday is October 25), and the mix of emotions that I am feeling is startling.  I can hardly believe a year has past, and yet, I cannot imagine a time when he was not in my life.  I can hardly believe I survived this first sleepless year, and yet, I feel like I have fully come into my own since becoming a mother.

There have been many long hours, frustrations and tears, but the year…oh, the year…it has flown by in a flurry of midnight feedings, afternoons at the playground, morning snuggles, and endless miles logged with the stroller.  There have been day trips, and road trips, plane rides and beach vacations.  But mostly- there have been so many moments where it is just me and my baby- going about our simple daily life- enjoying each others company, and learning each others quirks.  It has been the most joyful year of my life- without a single doubt.  I wouldn’t trade a moment of it- not even those difficult, exhausting, painful moments- because every moment was necessary on this road to learning how to become a mother.

This past month has been one of my favorites.  His little personality is continuing to show itself in the most amazing ways.  He loves doggies and buses, his favorite foods are hummus and blueberries, his first word was mama, and he knows, when the door opens in the evening, his daddy is home- and his while face lights up.  But most of all, what continues to amaze me, is that he is just the happiest little soul.  He spends most of his day outside- that is where he feels truly content- free to crawl without limits.  And if he can be naked, while roaming…well…that is simply unbeatable!

I have never been more thankful for this blog, than I am now.  It is a recording of our moments together- all of those moments that were supposed to be journaled, or recorded in his baby book.  The baby book is a bit dusty, and that motherhood journal I kept meaning to start, well- it never really happened.  But this blog- and all of your loving comments- give me a precious record of this past year.

So now, as I furiously prepare for his blow-out birthday bash, I give you a look back at Vijay’s first year- not so much in events, but in these pictures that for me, capture his essence so perfectly….  Happy first birthday, bunny-boo.

12 thoughts on “The First Year

  1. Vespa Rossa

    It's been so sweet to read about little vijay's first year of life. Thank you for sharing your stories and pictures (especially of those totally munchable cheeks!).

  2. Michelle Shopped

    been thinking about the little guy's 1st birthday coming up — the 25th? or 26th? his sweet face and chocolate eyes are deja vu for me, reminiscence and my own early motherhood…love to your little family…

  3. Candace

    Thank you so much for sharing the first year in the life of your beautiful boy, your stories about him (even the challenges) and those soulful eyes of his has made me long to become a mama myself for the first time in my life. I'm very much looking forward to reading about everything that happens in his second year (while storing everything in my head for future reference)! Happy Birthday Vijay!

  4. A New England Life

    I'll bet that was the fastest year of your life, Christine! So many adorable photos of Vijay. I see he looks a lot like his dad too!

    Trust me, the next year will bring just as much wonderment and joy as this year did : )

  5. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday to our precious Grandson!!! We love you so! The joy you have brought us all can't be measured! God bless you now and ever!
    love Grandma


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