Playing Hooky

Every now and then, I think we all need to play hooky.  Leave behind our responsibilities, jump in the car and see where the road takes us.  For the past two weeks, I have been single parenting.  My husband was in India for business, which left me on-duty full time.  He arrived home on Friday, and we enjoyed being back together as a family with a quiet weekend.

He surprised me yesterday by taking the day off!  We decided to spend the afternoon exploring the FarmCoast region of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  We set out without much of a destination in mind- we knew we wanted to see farm animals (the little one is obsessed with animals right now- especially doggies and sheep), and we wanted to pick our own pumpkins.

It was pretty much the best afternoon ever- no agenda, no schedule, nowhere to be.  We pulled off the road whenever we saw animals, or interesting signs.

When we got hungry, we nibbled on pears and apples from a little farm stand that we discovered.  When we needed something a bit more substantial, we found an old fashioned diner (with the coolest light fixtures!), where we indulged in chicken pot pie and fish and chips.  To top off our health food fest- yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  We were pretty sure it came from a box- but we were certain that it was ridiculously delicious.

The raw beauty of our little state simply takes my breath away.  I feel lucky to live here- lucky to be alive to experience it all- lucky to have a little one to share it with- and lucky that every now and then, we decide to put down our to-do lists and live a little.  Yesterday was a great reminder that you are never too busy to play a little hooky.

6 thoughts on “Playing Hooky

  1. Emily

    Beautiful post! loved the inspiring thoughts and photos. hope you get more fun days like this. now i need to fine one for me! 🙂


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