The Crafty List

My time was equally split this weekend between family, crafting and work.  It was the perfect mix!  I pulled my knitting basket out from the closet, where it hibernates during the summer months, and finished up a few projects that I had on my needles from last winter…including this gorgeous, luscious cowl.

I also broke out the sewing machine, and made several simple fabric bags, which are going to be used for wrapping Christmas presents (yes- I am already starting to plan for Christmas!), and two pom-pom scarves (from this Purl tutorial), also Christmas presents.

With my final bit of crafty time and energy, I started cutting out the pieces to make Posie Gets Cozy’s adorable felt ornaments- although I fear I may be in over my head when it comes to the embroidery- actually, the whole thing in general.

And finally, although I hardly count this as crafty- this is just what needs to happen when your first born is celebrating his first birthday- I made birthday invitations!  We are going with the polka-dot theme, mainly because I feel like there are so many fun things that come in little round packages.  Gumballs, bouncy balls, balloons (kind of)- ummm, whatever, I am sure there are plenty more that will pop into my head before the big day!

5 thoughts on “The Crafty List

  1. Anonymous

    Congratulations for your blog! It's amazing for someone like me, Spanish in Boston. Where could I find these flowers-fabrics? They are really beautiful! Thanks for all! Maria

  2. thea

    Wow you amaze me-all that you do and you can sit and knit, sew and make handmade invitations. Wish I knew your secret….All beautiful just like you.

  3. Christine Chitnis

    kkp- the cowl pattern is from Quince & Co, it is called the Skye cowl- super, super easy and quick to make!

    Maria- I wish I could remember where I bought those lovely flower fabrics, but they have been sitting in my stash for years, and I just don't know anything about them! Sorry about that, wish I could be more helpful.


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