Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene paid a visit to our neck of the woods this weekend, but luckily for us, she left our street more-or-less intact.  Tree limbs were flung about, some old, gorgeous trees were ripped right out of the ground, power lines were severed and over 250,000 Rhode Islanders across the state are without power, but we will recover.

We had to spend all of Sunday hunkered down in our basement, playing endless hours of puzzles and games to entertain our little guy.  I realized that it was the first time we spent the entire day indoors, and I hope it is the last.  We were all pretty stir crazy by the time the storm moved on, but so thankful that we have a sturdy, dry house over our head.

The minute the wind died down and it was safe, we headed out to see what had happened to our little section of town.  It was a bit funny because everyone we saw had young kids, and they all looked beyond happy to be out of the house.

But the destruction was very real, and very sobering, and we felt extremely lucky to have escaped unscathed.  For all of you who found yourselves in the path of Irene, I hope you are safe and sound.

5 thoughts on “Hurricane Irene

  1. Bee

    our yard looks about the same. =/ very thankful to be spending the day after with my family, unhurt and happy. i'm glad you guys are alright as well. ❤

  2. Abby

    We were quite lucky as well, but a huge old tree fell across a street just a few blocks from my apartment. Glad that you're all right!

  3. Anonymous

    Thought about you over the weekend Christine! Glad you and your family are well and that your house is in one piece. I bet the little one is fascinated by all these trees be moved around!

  4. lauren

    i am glad you and your family are safe! what a storm!
    we had a few trees fall, but thankfully, nothing on the house or cars.
    we're still w/o power [and water and most cell service] at this point, but we're hanging in there. it is a small drop in the bucket to all the lives that were lost b/c of irene.


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