End of Summer Sale

I wanted to tell you that my book is on sale right now.  My wonderful publisher, The Little Bookroom, is having an end-of-summer-sale.  So…if you haven’t purchased a copy yet, head over to the sale!

As I looked for pictures to accompany this post, it occurred to me that I haven’t shown you some of my favorite pictures from the book…the ones that didn’t make the cut.  Like these from artist Candy Barr’s studio.

I wish I could have captured the sheer number of paintings that she had scattered around her studio space.  Paintings that most of us would pay good money for, and hang in a prominent place…she just had stacks of them, bins of them, covering every inch.  It was amazing.  I guess when you have the kind of raw talent that she has, you take for granted how priceless even your sorriest painting would be to most people.

Candy also teaches painting classes in conjunction with the Vermont Festival of the Arts.  The setting…a gorgeous vineyard surrounded by rolling hills of farmland.  I think that could inspire even the saddest painter (that would be me!) to greatness.

Candy is just one of the many artists whose work I fell in love with while writing my book.  I can’t believe I haven’t shown you some of my favorites before now!

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