To Live Amongst the Trees

While in Vermont last week, we stopped by Yestermorrow, a teaching community dedicated to sustainable design and building.  Their property is full of interesting structures…including this incredible treehouse.

I remember wanting a treehouse, so badly, as a child.  I couldn’t imagine anything cooler than my own little space, nestled high in the branches of an old, sturdy tree. Recently, up at our family cottage, my parents built a treehouse for my little brother.  He had been wanting a treehouse for years, but it was funny to watch how quickly the novelty wore off.

It occurred to me that perhaps, treehouses are better suited for adults.  Can you imagine having a quiet, peaceful place, to which to escape?  You could lounge in the hammock, reading your favorite book, daydreaming, writing, knitting, escaping from household chores…

Yes…I think treehouses are much better suited for adults.  After all, we’re the ones in need of a little quiet escape now and then.

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