Away We Go

Vermont was such a great success.  I guess I will chalk our prior roadtrips up to “learning experiences,” and can now rest assured knowing we can travel…and travel well…with our little guy.   What an exciting revelation!

Of course, it helped to have my husband and mom along for the ride.  Many hands do, in fact, make light work.  It also helped that Waitsfield, VT is an absolute playground for both kids and adults alike.  There were swimming holes, gently sloping riverside beaches, open air picnics, interesting barnyard friends, and plenty of beautiful green space.

It was a gorgeous, successful weekend roadtrip.  I came home feeling so thankful to live in New England.  We can hop in the car and be in a whole other world in just a few hours.

Growing up in the Midwest, this was just not the case.  In fact, crossing state lines was such a big deal that we would honk enthusiastically every time we passed a sign welcoming us to a new state.  Here in New England, that would mean laying on your horn for practically the entire car ride.

Another reason to love New England…the emphasis on fresh, local food.  It’s everywhere, it’s fabulous, and it’s a big part of the reason we loved Vermont.

So we are home now, settling back in, playing catch up.  I have a perma-grin on my face from having successfully pulled off the trip…I think these positive vibes bode well for the week ahead!

2 thoughts on “Away We Go

  1. Nancy

    Especially love the photos in this post. So beautiful, they blend so nicely together too! Welcome home, glad the road trip was a success.
    Loving your book!!!


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