The Family Meal

Babies are funny.  The minute you think you have them figured out, they go and switch things up.  If you start feeling too comfortable in your routine, they decide it is high-time to throw that routine out the window and start down a whole new road.

At this very moment, we are finding great humor in little Vijay’s ever changing mealtime antics.  He has been enthusiastic about food since day one…never, ever missing a meal.  When we started him on solid foods, he pretty much loved every single food that we gave him.  And now, we are moving out of “baby food world” into “real food world,” which means that most of the time, he can eat what we are eating…with a little modification.

Last week, we went out for Indian food, and he gobbled down tandoori chicken, curried spinach and dal (a lentil dish).  This week, we attended the annual Local Food Fest in Newport, and he snacked on smoked haddock potato salad, farm fresh nectarines and peaches, blueberry scones, creamed corn soup, and duck sausage.

I tried to feed him his apple sauce and mashed sweet potato and he gave me this look like, “Get real mom- I am so done with baby food.”  To which I wanted to reply, “Really…because you are only nine months old and you have one and a half teeth.  I am not sure duck sausage is all that appropriate.”

But if we don’t offer him a taste of what we are eating, he puts on this little angry face, and starts slapping the table.  He can be very convincing.

I guess this is all part of the growing up process, and I am thrilled that he is an adventurous eater, but I still get nervous that I am breaking all kinds of baby food rules.

I still have some scruples left…I have managed to say no to coffee, cupcakes and ice cream 🙂  But he senses that I am holding out on him…and tends to give me this look, just to let me know that he is not fooled.

However, when it comes to sugars, food dyes, and artificial flavoring…I am holding my ground.  I want to encourage his adventurous eating, while keeping a close eye on the quality of food that nourished his little body.  It is a delicate balance…and a humorous journey, but we are finding out way, one food festival, one farmers market, one chaotic meal at a time.

**by the way…don’t you love Vijay’s little striped outfit. tea collection was sweet enough to send us a few outfits…I can’t wait to share more.  thanks to them, we are looking pretty cool and comfortable this summer.

4 thoughts on “The Family Meal

  1. B.

    ha, he is so cute! i'm glad to hear he's an adventurous eater; that makes life to much easier!
    my 5 yr old is adventurous one week, and terribly limited the next. he'll eat garlic hummus, love it, then claim to hate it and eat nothing but peanut butter sandwiches for days on end. *sigh* ah, children…

  2. mjb

    Our 8 month old just switched it up this week and went from purees to wanting to feed himself. Except that he really only wants puffs or food from my plate. So I'm tricking him and serving him off of a corner of my plate, or mixing the new foods with puffs. We'll make it through this baby things somehow! Even if I'm not sure that feeding him mac'n'cheese for lunch today was the smartest thing 🙂

  3. nursenikkiknits

    My 2nd baby refused to let us feed her from a spoon at all. I had no choice but to try “baby lead weaning” where you essentially throw whole foods at them and let the baby figure it out. I was terrified she would choke but she never did. We have great photos of her as a 7 month old eating a whole leg of chicken.
    Now, she is 12 months old and last week I was letting her play with my iced coffee cup when I discovered she can use a straw! The look I got when I took it away was the mirror image of your little man.
    It's great to watch her see everyday as a new adventure.

  4. alison abbott

    Hey Christine
    The Food Fest looks like it was dreamy! We tried, but it was sold out. I'll make sure for next year. Vijay is growing so fast, I admire your effort in the food arena. Enjoy the rest of your summer.
    Alison Abbott


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